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Tax advantage

Protect your business environment and be rewarded by the taxman? Yes, this is now possible thanks to an increased tax credit for investment in security systems. 

    Benefit from additional tax advantages
    As a self-employed person, SME or practitioner of a liberal profession you gain more from securing your business than you think. You limit the risk of theft, burglary and fraud and create a carfree working atmosphere, but you also benefit from special tax advantages. The only condition is that you have the work carried out by a registered contractor: VAG Security.

    What can you deduct?
    Self-employed persons, SMEs and practitioners of a liberal profession benefit from two types of tax advantages: one for products: burglar alarm, access control and camera surveillance (consult the detailed list). And one for services.
    • Additional investment deduction of 22.5% for investments in security materials deducted from the profits of the year in which you purchase them.
    • Increased tax deduction of business expenses up to 120% (instead of 100%) for investments in security services, valid for the year in which you incur these expenses.
    Formalities ?
    The only thing you have to do is save your invoices and the accompanying receipts as well as the tax certificates from your installer for possible tax investigation.
    Attention: investments you have paid in the current fiscal year can only be deducted in the next fiscal year. The payment date and not the invoice determines in what year you can deduct these costs.

    Request your tax certificate now – Fill in your company name, address and our invoice number.

    More information ?
    • FOD Binnenlandse Zaken/SPF Intérieur, General Directorate, Safety and Prevention. Waterloolaan/Bld de Waterloo 76, 1000 BRUSSELS, Phone: 02/557.33.99 –
    • FOD Financiën - contactcenter : tel 02/572 57 57.
    *Subject to changes in the legislation.

    Tax deduction for expenditure on home security systems falls within the powers of the regional authorities.

    The Flemish and Walloon regions have decided to abolish this tax advantage as from 1 January 2015.

    The Brussels-Capital Region has decided to abolish the tax deduction for home security systems as from 1 January 2016.

    This means that home security systems are no longer tax deductible in any of our three regions.

    Further information?
    FOD Financiën (Federal Public Services Finance) – contact center: tel 02/572 57 57.

    *Subject to changes in the legislation.